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electric driven cooling solution for electric vehicle

<h3>Novel external cooling solution for electric vehicle </h3>

Novel external cooling solution for electric vehicle

Feb 01, 2020 · The future use of electric vehicles in the southern regions of the world could face several problematics related to high temperature, mostly when charging at high power. This paper proposes a new external cooling solution for cooling EV batteries pack at higher temperature conditions especially for those without effective cooling system embedded.

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<h3>Electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain system - Infineon </h3>

Electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain system - Infineon

Infineon‘s electric drive train solutions. At the core of all these electric vehicle technologies is the electrified powertrain. Semiconductors, particularly the ones produced by Infineon, can play a vital role in building energy efficiency in all phases of the energy supply chain. They are the key components to enable electromobility.

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Electric vehicle, Electric Motor, Modeling, Control . Introduction . The electric vehicle (EV) system consists of two subsystems( see Figure 1), an electric machine as drive system and the vehicle ; the main components include platform electrical energy sources, control systems as a central control, and power converter as a

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<h3>Next generation electric drives for HEV/EV propulsion </h3>

Next generation electric drives for HEV/EV propulsion

Oct 01, 2019 · Standard air cooling solutions have a relatively high R t h and are heavy and voluminous for automotive purposes so, in general, liquid cooling is preferred . The CHINAge of a cooling loop with the cooling liquid at 65 ∘ C was the norm in previous generation electric vehicles. However, current technological trend in HEV cooling architectures

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<h3>eAxle 3-in-1 Electric Drive System</h3>

eAxle 3-in-1 Electric Drive System

eAxle 3-in-1 Electric Drive System. The eAxle is just a simpler solution for electric drive integration for electric vehicles, with the electric motor, powerelectronics, transmission and thermal management combined together in one compact, efficient, and cost effective package. Directly powering the vehicle's axle, it is easy to be integrated

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<h3>Electric Vehicle Liquid Cooling Solutions | Mikros </h3>

Electric Vehicle Liquid Cooling Solutions | Mikros

Contact Us Today for an Advanced Electric Vehicle Cooling Solution. When it comes to delivering more powerful and efficient EVs, an easily integrated microchannel liquid cooling design from Mikros is an ideal solution. We can customize this technology for nearly any topology or power map and add unparalleled, extreme cooling to your EV traction drive or

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<h3>Electric Drive Systems - MAHLE North America</h3>

Electric Drive Systems - MAHLE North America

Different cooling technologies for the motor and controller are available and can be combined as required. 48V Mild Hybrid Drive Systems The 48 V electric drive system from MAHLE consist of a liquid cooled permanent magnet electric motor with included controller and is ideal for P2 and P3 applications in hybrid electric vehicles.

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<h3>Optimize Your Vehicle by Cooling Electric Motors and </h3>

Optimize Your Vehicle by Cooling Electric Motors and

Nov 18, 2017 · In fact, BloomKingclima New Energy Finance’s 2017 Long Term Electric Vehicle Outlook forecasts that by 2040, 54% of new car sales and 33% of the global car fleet will be electric vehicles.

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<h3>Engine cooling for passenger cars - MAHLE</h3>

Engine cooling for passenger cars - MAHLE

Battery cooling. The increasing electrification of the powertrain is one of the biggest technological trends in the automotive industry. In order to cool the lithium-ion battery and the power electronics of hybrid and electric vehicles, temperatures of below 40°C have to be reached, which is accomplished by interlinking the low-temperature and refrigerant circuits.

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<h3>Electric Vehicle Technologies - BorgWarner</h3>

Electric Vehicle Technologies - BorgWarner

Electric Drive Motor Electric Drive Module Electric Boosting Technologies Thermal Management We enable the switch – to highly efficient electric drives. By offering our technology as individual products and integrated solutions, we provide automakers flexibility in the electrification of future vehicles.

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<h3>48 Volts motor for electric cars | Automotive </h3>

48 Volts motor for electric cars | Automotive

Level 2 – hybrid with 100% electric propulsion: around 15% fuel savings with greater comfort and power. Level 1, with an added 48 Volts electric propulsion engine. Combined with a high-capacity battery, the vehicle can be driven in 100% electric mode. Similar performance to

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<h3>Electric Mobility - Development and validation services</h3>

Electric Mobility - Development and validation services

Designing a robust electric drive system requires a multi-disciplinary approach, in particular in the case of hybrid concepts. We are able to combine our extensive experience of developing conventional and hybrid powertrains with our electronics expertise.. The electrical/electronic architecture of electric cars is undergoing fundamental changes, which are leading to the

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<h3>New technology shows promise for electric vehicles in 2022</h3>

New technology shows promise for electric vehicles in 2022

Mar 07, 2022 · Without innovative technology, electric vehicles wouldn’t be where they are today. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and an economic downturn, the outlook for the EV industry shows promise.

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<h3>Home - Electra</h3>

Home - Electra

The first beneficiary was one of China’s largest mobility platform companies. The 48V solution eliminates the design and operational complexities of a high voltage system while accommodating the performance requirements of light electric vehicles. It can be custom designed for similar cars or quadricycle offerings in that category.

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<h3>US Patent Application for Hybrid vehicle with a refueling </h3>

US Patent Application for Hybrid vehicle with a refueling

Jul 02, 2021 · A hybrid vehicle having an electric drive with an energy storage device for the electric drive, and an internal combustion engine, and a tank device having a tank for storing fuel for the internal combustion engine. The hybrid vehicle further includes a cooling circuit, extending through the tank, having a circulating cooling medium to cool the energy storage

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