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Super1200 Multi-Temperature Truck Reefer Unit

Model: Super 1200
Driven Type: Diesel engine drive unit with electric standby
Voltage: DC12V
Standby voltage: AC220V, AC380V
Application: 50-60 m³box of truck
Refrigerant: R404a

Product Introduction

Introduction :

KINGCLIMA Super 1200 self-contained refrigeration unit is suitable for refrigerated trucks from 50 cubic meters to 60 cubic meters body box . Diesel Independent refrigeration truck refrigeration units are used to transport high value-added goods, such as frozen seafood, fruits and vegetables, electronic products and sensitive goods such as medical drugs. The temperature can be adjusted from -20℃/-4℉ to 30℃/86℉ according to different cargo requirements with chiller and frozen function. Super 1200 transport diesel engine truck refrigeration unit is powered by diesel engine during transportation. We use BOCK FKX560 compressor with a separate generator to facilitate the connection of AC220V and AC380V 3phase when the truck is parked. The refrigeration unit continues to work to ensure the goods in the box will not spoil.



KINGCLIMA can provide insulation Insulation board panels, which can be installed with multiple removable insulation partitions/panels to separate the refrigerated area, the freezer area and the normal temperature area. Movable partitions allow the internal compartment volume to be adjusted according to load requirements.



Super 1200 refrigeration unit features:


  1. The evaporator and condenser of the Super series diesel independent diesel truck reefer unit are integrated, which is easy to install and saves space. There is a thermal insulation layer in the middle to ensure a good heat dissipation effect.
  2. The independent PERKINS 403D-11 engine and independent generator allow the refrigeration unit to operate without relying on the power of the car itself to work, especially in long-distance transportation, or when the driver stops overnight to rest, its electric standby function can be connected to an external power supply of AC220V or AC380V,3phase  to work . It significantly saves fuel and eliminates carbon emissions.


  1. Compared with Carrier Supra 1050 and Thermo KingT-950R, KINGCLIMA Super 1200 Diesel independent truck freezer unit has a larger cooling capacity and is more stable. We have a good feedback in high-temperature areas such as Saudi Arabia. Under the same quality, our price and service are more advantageous.
  2. The shelf life of our Super series diesel independent refrigeration units is 1 year, and within 1 year, we can provide unit accessories to foreign customers for free.




KINGCLIMA self-powered diesel refrigeration units are available in three models, Super 1000, Super 1100, Super 1200, suitable for frozen and fresh foodservice and grocery, sensitive goods distribution business, meat processing plants, ice plants, beverage distributors, etc. The independent refrigeration unit is mainly used to transport frozen seafood, beef, pork, refrigerated fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh fish, meat, unsterilized or fermented milk, and its ice cream, electronic products, medical drugs, etc.


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